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1900 NW Expressway, Suite R114 Oklahoma City, OK 73118

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Hialee Howard

For me, yoga wears many hats. It can make me feel strong and confident but at the same time it can keep me grounded and humble. Yoga is a place where I can free my mind and body of clutter from my everyday life. Every time I walk into the studio, I feel at ease. Here, at The Yoga Box we want to be inviting for you to be able to come in and surrender to your mat.

Lisa Laughlin

Yoga has always been my safe space. Space for me to feel loved, confident, happy, content, whatever I need at that moment. It continues to challenge me, it challenges me mentally, it challenges me physically. It makes me think twice about what I do on and off my mat. The Yoga Box idea came from us thinking outside the box. The idea was for people to come to our studio and feel confident and loved and have that safe space where they could practice or not practice or just be.