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All Levels

This class takes up the majority of our schedule, and for good reason!  No matter where you are in your yoga journey, this class is appropriate.  

*If you've never done yoga, please visit one of our fundamentals classes first.


Slow Flow

Perfect for any levels, this class starts with lots of movement and ends with gentle yin postures and meditation.



If you're new to yoga, this is your class!  You'll learn how to safely execute poses while gaining strength and flexibility.  Also a good option for anyone looking to brush up on the basics.


Primal Flow

Primal movement provides the same moving meditation as yoga, just in a different way.  The pace of primal flow is much quicker than yoga and no mats are needed.  The set up is less formal in that there will be more interaction with the instructor and other students. This class provides a different intensity through quick bursts of movement, elevating the heart rate and 

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