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Our Classes

Primal Strength

Our primal strength classes are designed to help you achieve the strongest, healthiest, version of yourself. Crawl, swing kettlebells, improve balance, lift weights, ski, row, and more to grow stronger in this full-body experience.

Primal Strength is taught on the turf and throughout the gym.  this class is  ideal for athletes, runners, yogis, weekend warriors, and anyone who wants to stay active.

Primal Vinyasa Fundamentals

Our primal vinyasa fundamentals is designed as an alignment-based introduction to yoga and primal movement. The pace is slower than Primal Vinyasa so we can direct our focus on developing proper alignment and posture in foundational poses.

Primal vinyasa fundamentals is taught in the studio and is ideal for anyone working with injuries, starting out, or just wanting to brush up on the fundamentals of yoga.

Primal Flow

Our primal flow class  takes us back to the way we were meant to move as children. Relearn how to squat, crawl, and invert in a fun, flowy atmosphere. Let go of your inhibitions and open your mind to moving your body in different ways. This class will improve your ability to communicate with your body.

Primal flow is practiced on the turf and is ideal for improving mobility, strength, and stamina.

Primal Vinyasa Flow

Our primal vinyasa links movement and breath together to detoxify and exhilarate the body and mind. With an emphasis on movement, balance, and intention, this vinyasa flow is great for all levels of experience. More complex poses may be introduced for advanced students; however, your instructor will give you options and modifications to practice at your level. Primal vinyasa moves at an accelerated pace than Primal Vinyasa Fundamentals.

Primal vinyasa Flow is taught in the studio and is ideal for yogis at all levels who want to flow and push their limits.


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